How to avoid a deadly Ebola virus outbreak in the US

The US has been battling a deadly virus outbreak at its airports since early October, but it’s not known whether it has the resources or people to contain the spread of the disease.The World Health Organization said on Thursday it had identified 513 new cases, up from 477 on Wednesday.The number of confirmed cases in […]

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Which Newspaper Style Should You Use?

Newspaper font, newspaper font, the big three.We’ve talked about the most common choices for the newspaper font for years, but what do we think about the latest addition to the mix?Here are five of our favorite newspaper fonts.1.USA Today, Arial, Helvetica ArialArial is a font that’s popular with modern journalists.Arial has a modern look, but […]

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Why do the Nigerians like Trump?

The Nigerian newspapers are full of the headlines of “America is a racist country”, “America has failed to stop Boko Haram”, “The government’s response to Boko Haram is weak”, “This is a dictatorship that needs to be defeated”, and “The Nigerian government is not doing enough to fight Boko Haram”.The stories are often accompanied by […]

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How do we deal with the fallout from Alabama’s racist Supreme Court decision?

A former judge who said the state’s controversial racial justice system should be scrapped is urging conservatives to “do something” about the court’s decision.Lawyers for Alabamians charged with murder and other violent crimes in Alabama say the state has a “federalized criminal justice system that does not reflect the values of this state.”The Alabama Supreme […]

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