Which Alabama newspapers will be published in Alabama by 2025?

The next year, the newspaper industry will once again be in flux.Alabama’s state-owned newspapers will soon become public, and the publishing industry will undergo a major transition.Alabama newspapers are facing new regulations, a new state-controlled media outlet and a new wave of digital media.The first state-run newspaper, the Birmingham News, will begin publication in 2020, […]

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Why do you hate the new Braunfel Bears

Bleacher Beat reader Brian asks: Why do I hate the New Braunfoels newspaper?The New Brauns are going to get a lot of love from me.But, you know, that paper is a good place to start the hate cycle.They’re a bad team.I think they should be banned for life.I don’t want to see them go, either.I […]

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Which Newspaper Style Should You Use?

Newspaper font, newspaper font, the big three.We’ve talked about the most common choices for the newspaper font for years, but what do we think about the latest addition to the mix?Here are five of our favorite newspaper fonts.1.USA Today, Arial, Helvetica ArialArial is a font that’s popular with modern journalists.Arial has a modern look, but […]

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