Why the Liverpool FC fans have the best shirt

The Reds’ shirt has a different feel to their rivals, but its been the fans who have been rocking it the most.The blue and white colour scheme, coupled with the simple design of the back of the shirt, have brought Liverpool fans to tears.“The shirt has always been our favourite one,” said Liverpool fan Alexander […]

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The 10 Best and Worst Newspapers in America

Los Angeles Times: The New York Times is a major newspaper with a rich history and readership.It has always been a powerhouse in the U.S., even though the paper’s circulation has dwindled as a result of the recession.As a result, the Times has notched up the most traffic for any newspaper in the country since […]

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How to tell whether a politician is a liar or not

The Washington Post has updated its “liable politician” guide to include information on all candidates and political parties.The new list includes the names of all the candidates for president, state legislators and U.S. senators, as well as the names and titles of all of the candidates who are listed as members of the United States […]

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How to find the best hotel in Omaha, Nebraska

If you’ve been wondering which hotel is the best in the state of Nebraska, you’re in luck.Here’s how to find one in your area.1.Omaha, NE – Hotel: The Hotel de la Feria is the top hotel in town.The location is perfect for a business event, but if you’re looking for a family-friendly spot, the Holiday […]

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How to buy a free newspaper in Kenya: A guide

In Kenya, the national newspaper is known as the Kinyarwanda.In some ways, it is similar to the English paper, but it is owned by the Kenya National Broadcasting Company (KNBC), which is owned and controlled by a private consortium of investors.KNBC is part of the media conglomeration of the World Bank, and KNBC has a […]

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