How to find the perfect local newspaper

The following article appeared in The Columbian: “It’s almost as if I’m on vacation.I just get a text message, a phone call or something.It’s always a good feeling to know someone is listening.I’ve never felt so comfortable as when I can go to my favorite newsroom, sit in my chair and just be at home.”-Samantha […]

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How to spot an African newspaper’s bias

NIGERIAN newspapers are increasingly becoming more aggressive in their pursuit of diversity.As part of their efforts, some of the largest African newspapers in the world are launching newsrooms with an African theme.The National Newspaper Alliance (NNA), a consortium of major African newspapers, announced plans to launch a new newsroom focused on Africa in 2019.In a […]

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US police ‘shocked’ by video footage of fatal crash

The US Police Department has described footage from the crash of a black SUV on I-5 that killed three people in New York City as “shocking and disturbing” and said it was “looking into” the footage.The accident happened near the New York University-Columbia University Medical Center on Wednesday evening.A police report says the SUV hit […]

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