How did the Brits find the time to go to the Olympics

When Brits finally started to leave the EU in 2019, the country had to wait almost two years for the first games.The country had planned to host the Games from 2019 until 2023.That was supposed to be the first Olympics ever held in Kenya, but the country has yet to host a World Cup since […]

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How to draw your own newspaper template

You can make your own print newspaper and you can customize it with some pretty cool effects, too.The template template article article template article This article template is a print newspaper template that is easy to customize with some cool effects.It comes with a blank newspaper template and a variety of effects that you can […]

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New Zealand to spend NZ$8m on new train system

NZ’s national rail system is set to get a major upgrade, as part of a $8m deal to create a national rail network.A deal was struck in January and the project will see a new, more powerful train and a new platform be built at Auckland’s Christchurch railway station, New Zealand Herald reports.The New Zealand […]

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Which teams will make the playoffs?

The NFL has just announced that four teams will be playoff contenders: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans.The four teams make up the NFC South, which is not a particularly strong division, but has some really good teams in the middle of it.The Falcons and Panthers will likely get to play each […]

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What Trump wants from the UN

The US president is set to unveil a plan Thursday that would end the global body’s sanctions against Iran, the Guardian newspaper reported.Trump is expected to propose the Iran-backed Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which controls the region, be allowed to continue exporting oil and other products to the U.S. under a so-called “nuclear nonproliferation” agreement […]

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Which DC newspaper will you read on your next trip?

Washington, DC — If you’re headed to a Washington, D.C., newspaper this week, chances are it’s going to be a Washington Post article.The Washington Post is the nation’s second largest daily newspaper by circulation.But it also publishes a number of smaller local papers, as well as an online edition, which offers a variety of articles, […]

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