A new book says the Tampa Bay Lightning are the most underrated team in the NHL

Tampa Bay Times article NEW YORK — The Tampa Bay Thunderbirds, the Florida Panthers, and the Florida Marlins are all the most underappreciated teams in the league, according to a new book by a Florida sports writer.

The book “In The Zone: The Story Behind the NHL’s Most Underappreciate Teams” is the latest installment in a series from Tampa Bay Sports Writer Mark Haggerty and the Tampa Tribune.

It’s available for purchase from the Tampa-St. Petersburg Sports Bookstore.

Haggerty said the Lightning, Panthers and Marlins are the teams he thinks are underrated because they’re young, underapplauded and they don’t win.

The Lightning, who won the Calder Cup last season, are a team Haggerties said he had not heard much about because of the team’s lack of a Stanley Cup ring.

He said it would have been interesting to see how many people would have picked the Lightning to win the championship, which it did.

Haganty also has the Florida State Seminoles as underrated because it has a lot of top players on its roster and the Seminoles won three NCAA championships in the past three years.

The Seminoles also have three NCAA titles.

“They’re the most exciting team I’ve ever seen,” Haganty said.

“I just think they’re the underdog, which is great.

The underdog mentality makes for a lot more fun.

But I think they deserve a lot less credit than most teams.

The best teams win championships.”

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