‘I’m just here to help’: A Florida father’s plea for help after a 2-year-old son dies in a bathtub

A Florida man is hoping to help a Florida man who died in a 2.6-foot bathtub after he accidentally shot himself in the head.

Mark Joseph Smith Jr., a father of two, was found by his wife at his home on Friday.

His wife told police that he had a shotgun and a gun at his side, according to the Palm Beach Post.

She said she had told her husband that he couldn’t have it, the paper reported.

“I just want to make sure my husband was not harmed.

I want to know if he was in the wrong,” Smith’s wife told officers.

The incident happened about 9 p.m.

Friday at Smith’s home, according the newspaper.

The couple’s son was in his bedroom when the shooting happened, the newspaper reported.

A deputy with the sheriff’s office said the deputy who found the boy and the wife told her the husband had an assault weapon.

She told investigators that Smith then opened fire in the bathroom, killing the boy.

Smith was charged with homicide, the Palm Bay Post reported.

The paper reported that the couple has a daughter and is planning to get a gun.

Smith was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Smith’s death has prompted calls for stricter gun laws in the United States.