Why is a new bar at the Olde Towne House in Portsmouth, Ohio, so popular?

A new bar in Portsmouth has become so popular it’s attracting new customers from around the country.

The Olde Tavern in Olde Portsmouth has attracted more than 200 people a night for two consecutive nights, said the Portsmouth Herald.

People have been coming in for two weeks straight, and it’s really been a big success story,” said owner Matt O’Donnell.

The bar is one of the few in the state of Ohio to feature a patio, but O’Brien said it was something the bar’s owners, who are all from New England, had always wanted to do.”

It’s a little bit of a throwback to a certain time when people would come to our bar and there would be a big group of people sitting around the bar,” he said.

The Olde Pub’s patrons, however, don’t seem to be impressed by the new bar, which is located in the back corner of the building.”

I don’t really understand it,” said one woman, who said she came in last night and was seated at a table at the bar.”

The bar has nothing to do with me,” she added.

The new bar is a different type of experience.

O’Donnell said he’s had a couple of people come in who said they didn’t like the look of the bar, but that they didn`t know anything about the bar anyway.”

People don`t realize what a great place it is, they don` t know what a nice atmosphere it is,” he told WLWT.

Oddly, though, people seem to like the new space.”

We have some regulars that have come in for a couple nights now and they say they just love it,” O’Dowda said.

He said the bar has also drawn new customers who are coming in from other bars and restaurants, such as the Biscuit Tavern and The Brick House in nearby Newbridge.

Odell said the Oldeboard Tavern is a great location for the bar because it`s right by the water.