Why is the boise county mayor leaving office?

Posted October 15, 2018 07:03:33 A former Boise Mayor and his wife are leaving the city and the state.

Boise County Executive Steve Binder resigned Tuesday amid accusations he sexually assaulted two women.

He resigned following the accusations against him, according to a letter from his attorney.

Binder, 66, resigned Tuesday after the accusations of sexual misconduct against him were made public, and his resignation was effective immediately.

“The allegations against me are very serious, and they are without merit,” Binder said in the letter to the Boise City Council, according the Associated Press.

Binders wife, Karen, said in a statement that he “is being treated with dignity and respect and has the support of all of his employees and city officials, including city council members, and city and county leadership.

Karen Binder and her husband have been together for over 50 years.

The allegations against Binder were made by three women who were friends of Binder’s. “

We all made a choice and that was to be strong for our family, our friends and our community,” Binders statement read.

The allegations against Binder were made by three women who were friends of Binder’s.

The women told local television station KBOI-TV that he had invited them to his home in October 2015.

They said he would have sex with them while they were both drinking and had been drinking at the same time.

The three women told KBOi-TV they were friends and acquaintances of Binders, and that they had never been alone together.

A source told the Idaho Statesman that the women believed they were going to be raped and that Binder would have had sex with their genitals if they hadn’t pushed him away.

Bender is a former member of the Boise Board of Education.

His term as a city councilman expired in December, according of the Idaho State News.

Binding’s wife said in her statement that the city is trying to focus on “the needs of the people of Boise and not the needs of a man.”

Binder has been on leave since March 2018, when he was indicted by a federal grand jury on federal charges of sexually assaulting two women and having an affair with one.

He was also charged with filing a false police report, which the FBI later dismissed.

He is also facing criminal charges stemming from a separate investigation by the FBI into allegations that he sexually harassed women at a hotel in Colorado.

He faces up to five years in prison if convicted.