New Zealand to spend NZ$8m on new train system

NZ’s national rail system is set to get a major upgrade, as part of a $8m deal to create a national rail network.

A deal was struck in January and the project will see a new, more powerful train and a new platform be built at Auckland’s Christchurch railway station, New Zealand Herald reports.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) announced the deal with private equity firm WPP Group, which is led by billionaire David Key.

Key will finance and operate the project, and will have a role in building and operating the new platform.

He will be a board member and lead the project.

New Zealand Transport Minister Todd McClay said the rail system was being rebuilt with “unparalleled care and attention”.

“The system is already being upgraded and it’s already making a significant contribution to the growth and success of our economy,” McClay told the Herald.

“The investment will allow us to get the system to where we want it to be, and we’re confident that it will be successful and sustainable.”

New Zealand’s national railway system is now the largest in the world and is the third largest in Europe.

Its total system of 1,100 kilometres runs from the Pacific island of New Zealand through the South Island to Auckland, the capital of New South Wales.

It connects to other railway systems in New Zealand and abroad.

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