Which teams will make the playoffs?

The NFL has just announced that four teams will be playoff contenders: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans.

The four teams make up the NFC South, which is not a particularly strong division, but has some really good teams in the middle of it.

The Falcons and Panthers will likely get to play each other in the playoffs.

The Panthers will play at home against the Miami Dolphins on the first game of the regular season.

The Titans will play the Seattle Seahawks in the second game of a back-to-back on Thanksgiving.

The Dolphins and Falcons will play each of the teams that make the NFC East playoffs, which will feature the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

The New York Giants and Chicago Bears will play in the NFC West.

The NFC North will have the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers.

The AFC West will have Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

The East will have New York Jets, Miami, Buffalo and Philadelphia.

The Falcons and Carolina Panthers have the highest expectations for this season, which means that they are the teams with the most money to spend and the most to improve.

The NFL salary cap is set at $135 million, and they have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on free agents.

The cap hit for the Panthers this season will be $27 million, according to Spotrac.

The Atlanta Falcons are going to be one of the most expensive teams in football.

The salary cap for the Falcons is set to be around $150 million this season.

That’s $22 million more than the $130 million cap hit the Panthers had in 2016.

If they make the postseason, the Panthers will be one team to keep an eye on.

The Patriots are going into their bye week, so the Falcons might be the only team with a legitimate chance to make the Super Bowl.

The Miami Dolphins will play their final game of their season on Thanksgiving, which would be the first time in the franchise’s history that it won a game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play five games in a row, and the New York Bills will have three games in seven days.

There is a chance that the Tennessee Titans will be the next team to go to the playoffs, but they’re not quite as likely as they once were to make that happen.

The Tennessee Titans were a team that had some great years and a solid playoff run, but their playoff chances were severely curtailed by injuries and an aging roster.

The franchise had one of their most disappointing seasons in franchise history, going 10-59.

This season, the team is going to have to overcome a lot more adversity to make a postseason run.