Why I’m not sure about @NigeriaFootball’s ‘national’ name

KOREA –  As footballers continue to be the target of social media trolling, it’s easy to forget that Nigeria’s national team are the same team who have been called ‘Koreans’ for many years.

A country where you don’t know your history, it was not always so.

The Nigerian Football Association (NFF) has only ever had one ‘Korean’ team, the ‘Korea’ football team, who won the 2006 FIFA World Cup and won it again in 2014.

It wasn’t until the 2010 World Cup that the team’s nickname was changed to ‘The Nigerians’.

The team has been named ‘The Nigeria Footballers’ ever since.

In Nigeria, the term ‘Nigerians’ is reserved for people who are from Nigeria, regardless of their ethnicity.

Nigas pride themselves on their ‘Nigali heritage’, but the reality is they are really from Nigeria.

According to a 2016 report by The Economist, there are around 100,000 people who identify as Nigerians and that number is growing.

Even though it’s a ‘nationalist’ nation, there is a growing backlash towards the term in the community.

When a new club, which is based in Nigeria, is announced, the reaction from the community is usually ‘you can’t call yourself Nigerians, we don’t even have a national flag’.

This is because they consider it a derogatory term to the Nigerian people.

One of the issues that Nigerians have is that they have an African name, which some people believe is not appropriate.

For example, the word ‘Nga Nga’ means ‘nigger’.

When you see an ‘African name’ on a football shirt, people will think it is Nigerian because they believe the word is an insult.

This has been particularly prevalent in the recent months, as the Nigerians football team has made headlines in the media and on social media for the way they have been dubbed.

Some football fans are even calling for the team to be renamed the ‘Nageria Warriors’.

A recent video on YouTube has garnered more than 1.8 million views.

I think it’s very sad when people refer to people from Nigeria as ‘Nigers’ and the media says that it’s an insult, but when people say that, it actually hurts a lot.

That’s why I’m sure that the NFF have been working hard to make the Nigerias ‘national flag’ more inclusive.

While some of the Nigerian football fans’ criticism of the NFP has been harsh, there have been some positive developments.

They have made an official ‘Nigeophobic’ logo and have also created an official website dedicated to ‘Nagaese’ football fans.

With all this positive progress, I believe that the ‘nationality’ of the team is becoming more acceptable.

Many of the Nigeris fans, myself included, have been supporting the Nigeras ‘national team’ for a long time.

Being part of the Nigeria Football team is very important to me, as I am a Nigerian-born player.

Having my team name on the shirt I wear makes me feel like I’m representing the Nigerian flag.

However, it also makes me think about why the team are called the Nigerans.

Myself and many others have a lot of pride in the Nigerian team and I think the Nigerian flag should reflect this.

But I am not sure that they are truly ‘Nugas’ anymore.

After seeing some of these comments, I have a few thoughts on the topic.

First of all, I think that the word NIGAS, or ‘Nigs’, is an inaccurate term to use.

What I mean by this is that people from other countries may refer to a certain country as ‘The Nigas’, but it’s not necessarily an accurate term.

There is a lot more to Nigeria than ‘NIGA’ and I do believe that they should be called the ‘ Nigerians’ as we are not a nation of nigas.

Secondly, I do think that if the NFA ever wanted to change the team name to reflect the nation of Nigeria, it would be an easy task.

If they want to call themselves ‘NEGA’, they should do so in a very professional way.

Unfortunately, I can’t see any other way to call the team that I know of.

So, I guess it’s about time that we stopped calling the team ‘Niggas’ and started calling them ‘Naginas’.

NIGANS The Nigeris national team is a team that plays in the Southern League, one of the three divisions in the English Premier League (EPL).

Their nickname is ‘Nigi’, which is the word for ‘people from