Which US newspaper broke the story of the French Newspaper that busted a police journalist?

title The French Newspaper That Broke a Cop article title Updated 7:51 pm PST More details about the French newspaper that busted the police reporter:French police have arrested a reporter at the country’s main daily newspaper after he was caught up in a dispute with his bosses.

The reporter, Paul Coulson, was caught red-handed as he was trying to make a point on behalf of the paper.

The incident happened on Monday.

Coulson was reportedly fired from his job after the incident.

“He was very upset with his supervisors,” Coulson’s employer, the newspaper Le Monde, said in a statement.

“I understand he had made an error in judgment and was fired.”

The French news agency APN said in an interview with the newspaper that Coulson “made a mistake in judgement” after the arrest.

The newspaper added that it was not aware of any legal action against Coulson.

“It was only a misunderstanding, an expression of frustration,” APN quoted the newspaper as saying.

The journalist’s father, Jean-Marc Coulson said in the interview that his son’s “error in judgment” was “unacceptable” and that the newspaper would take legal action.

A spokesman for Le Mond told the AP that Coulton had been fired and would be formally charged with violating company rules.

The French authorities have taken over Coulsons employment.