How the Tory government is changing London newspapers

LONDON — Conservative London newspapers have been left scrambling to keep up with the changing media landscape as Britain leaves the European Union and more news and opinion pieces are published on topics such as Brexit and the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations.

Conservative London papers have been caught off guard as a large number of new pieces are being published on the subject, including a series of pieces by the Guardian and the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail reported Monday that it has been forced to suspend some of its stories following the Brexit vote.

The Guardian published a piece Sunday on the possibility of the UK leaving the EU and the paper has said it will be looking into whether it will cover the topic.

The Daily Telegraph has said that it will also be reviewing its coverage.

The Sun, meanwhile, has published a number of articles over the past few days on the government-run Health and Safety Executive, including an article Monday on the latest health scandal involving a member of Parliament who resigned after being exposed to the hepatitis A virus.

The Guardian has also said it is reviewing its approach to covering the Brexit talks, and said it would be looking at whether it would cover the Brexit issues in its upcoming article.

Other Conservative newspapers, including the Daily Express and the Sun, have also published pieces on the topic of Brexit.

Conservative MP Jo Cox, the Labour MP who was shot dead last month, was among those who resigned from the Conservative party after it emerged she voted to leave the EU.

Theresa May is set to take the oath of office as Prime Minister on Jan. 3, and her Cabinet has been widely seen as highly divided, with some ministers publicly calling for a hard Brexit.