China bans ‘inappropriate’ images from Olympics

China is banning images of the 2016 Olympics in pictures and online advertisements, and it is also suspending the use of social media in China.

The move is part of the government’s “Great Wall of China” campaign, which aims to strengthen its reputation among the international community.

The Communist Party has also made an effort to boost its image among Chinese people through the creation of the Great Leap Forward, which saw China build up a massive infrastructure network to increase economic growth.

The new rules, however, will not be used to promote tourism, which has grown in recent years in China, and the government is also aiming to ensure that “every citizen” has access to a basic education.

The Xinhua news agency said the decision came as a response to criticism from the United States and other nations over the “inappropriate” images that China was displaying during the games.

“China’s government has decided to prohibit the use in public, public spaces, on state-owned media and other official-sponsored channels of images of any part of its history, culture and society,” the news agency reported.

The government said it is banning the use “of images of events that are of a public nature and of which there is no public or private purpose”, and will impose “restrictions on the use” of “any images of public life”.

In a statement, the Chinese government said the new rules will “strengthen China’s national image”.

The move comes amid an ongoing crackdown on the Communist Party.

The crackdown has led to mass resignations from top party officials and an arrest of tens of thousands of officials.

In March, the United Nations said that at least 9,500 people have been jailed for their roles in organising protests, and hundreds of thousands have been detained, including members of the leadership.