When will I be able to vote?

Posted September 08, 2018 04:58:51 When will my mail be delivered?

What’s the deadline to register to vote and how will I know if I have the right to vote if I do not receive my mail?

How long does it take to get a ballot?

Will I need to leave a mail-in ballot box?

What if I’m not able to find my mail-ins?

When will I have my ballot mailed?

When do I need my ballot returned?

Is my mail returned?

Who will mail my mail if I miss a ballot deadline?

Is the mail-out machine accurate?

Will mail-outs include the correct information?

What if my mail has already been sent?

Can I bring my own ballot?

What will happen if I receive a ballot that doesn’t meet the mail deadline?

Who is responsible if I forget to mail my ballot?

How do I change my address if I change addresses?

Is it legal to vote by mail?

Will the mail go to the wrong address?

Can my vote be counted if I am late to a polling place?

Can someone else cast my vote?

How can I contact a local election official if I need help?

What are the requirements for getting a mail ballot?

Are there any additional fees or restrictions?

Will someone from my precinct call me when I’m at the polling place to help me vote?

What can I do if I can’t vote?

Will a mailballot affect the results of the election?

What happens if my vote is lost or invalidated?

How will I receive an absentee ballot?

Where can I vote in person?

Who can I get help from if I don’t have my mail in box completed?

Will my ballot count if I go to an absentee voting location?

How many people can vote in my precinct?

Will anyone from my ward or county be on hand to answer questions?

How is the absentee ballot process handled at a local polling place in South Carolina?

What should I do to get my ballot counted if it is not mailed out to me by my precinct elections office?

Will voting be held at my precinct office?

How are absentee ballots counted?

How much is an absentee vote worth?

Will an absentee voter’s name appear on the ballot if the person has not voted in person in a few days?

How does absentee voting work at my polling place if the precinct office is closed?

Who determines which of the four official candidates will be the Republican nominee in the general election?

Will there be an election when a precinct election is canceled?

Will absentee ballots be counted at a different precinct office if the election is cancelled?

Will postal ballots be accepted at my voting location if there is no mail-order voting machine available?

Will any person from my neighborhood be able the mailballots in their neighborhood?

Will some people in my neighborhood get the mail?

If my county election office closes, will the mail ballots be counted?

What is the deadline for returning mail ballots to my precinct election office?

What do I do after I vote?

Can a voter register to change their address?

How should I vote if the post office is out of mail?

Can you vote by absentee ballot if I get my mail on a different day?

What information should I provide to my local elections office when I return my mail to the post?

Can postal ballots also be counted by mail, even if the mailman is out?

How may I contact the local elections supervisor if I cannot find the information I need on my ballot or if my address is not correct?

Is absentee voting available in the Palmetto State?

Will people in the South be able vote at a polling site in a different county?

What other types of mail ballot will be accepted?

How quickly will my ballot be counted when it is mailed out?

What does it mean to vote in South Carolinas?

How to get your mail-ballot counted if you don’t vote at your precinct office in South Carolina?

What to do if your mail is not returned:How do you vote in a general election if your county election is closed or cancelled?

What else can I expect to find on your ballot?Read more