How to tell if you are infected with the Zika virus

A group of doctors is urging pregnant women and their partners to seek medical advice before having sex.

The group is calling on them to make sure they know if they are infected and to take precautions such as wearing masks when using public transport, and avoiding having unprotected sex.

It is also urging them to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, as they can transmit the virus.

They also advise women to wash their hands frequently and wear a mask.

Dr Matthew Pang, a paediatrician at the Jacksonville Health Department in Florida, said there had been a rise in Zika cases in the US.

“There has been a spike in Zika infection in pregnant women, which has prompted some to worry that Zika might be spreading through pregnant women,” he said.

He said pregnant women should be advised to take their temperature, check for fever, and ask their doctor if they have symptoms.

Dr Pang said the virus was not transmitted through the air, but was transmitted through mosquitoes.

This is because of the way the virus is passed, through the bite of the mosquito, which can lead to a virus infection.

“If the mosquito bites someone else, that person can transmit it to another person,” he explained.

“So, the risk is there if you get bitten by a mosquito.”

Dr Pangs advice to women was to wear a face mask, but if you do not, it is best to wash your hands and use a latex mask.

“The only way to be 100 per cent certain you are not infected is if you test negative for Zika, because the virus can be transmitted through that,” he added.

Health experts say the rise in cases could be a result of increased public awareness.

Dr Pangu, who also works at the University of Florida, added that it was important to be aware of any symptoms that might indicate Zika infection.

If you are concerned about your condition, you should seek medical help.