Posters in Spanish city’s subway ads are more expensive than their German counterparts

Posted January 09, 2019 07:37:06 The ads posted on Spanish subway trains and buses are far more expensive in German than they are in Spanish, the paper La Vanguardia reported on Thursday.

The Spanish posters are more than 20 times the price of the German posters, the newspaper said, citing a study by the Madrid-based Institute of Economics.

It quoted the study by economist Antonio Castillo as saying that for the two ads on the same train, the cost of a €50 ($70) poster in German is €20, compared to a €100 poster in Spanish.

“The German posters look good on paper, but when you read the content you realise they’re not true,” Castillo said.

“It’s like paying a car salesman for a good car, rather than buying a car yourself.”

You can’t compare the prices of ads on two different sites, because they’re based on different markets.

“La Vanguardia said the study showed that ads on Spanish trains and bus routes cost around 10 times more than the prices in Germany.

The newspaper said it had received more than 700 complaints about the posters since the study was published.”

Spain has been in a recession for more than a year, and the economy is on the verge of collapse,” it said in a statement.”

If these posters were placed on trains and public transport, the public would not pay to travel, the trains would not run, and many Spaniards would stop travelling,” it added.

A spokesperson for Madrid’s transport ministry said it would investigate the matter.”

We will investigate them and report back.””

The posters are authentic, but we can’t say whether they are legitimate.

We will investigate them and report back.”

The study was carried out in the spring.