BJP leader hits out at Modi over ‘hypocrisy’

BJP leader Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday attacked the Modi government for its alleged “hypocrisies” over the recent spate of deaths in Gujarat, saying the “hypocrites” had a “mind of their own”. 

His remarks came in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that the death toll in Gujarat was higher than in previous years and called for the government to release all the names of those killed.

Adityanathan told CNN-IBN: “If the prime minister was able to find one death on a television channel in a week and said that the state government’s policy of the last seven days has caused the deaths of 5,000 children, I think the prime minster should be in jail for five years.”

He also took exception to Modi’s remark that the number of children killed in the state had dropped by 20%.

“Modi was talking about the number and the rate of deaths of children in the country.

There are so many deaths that it is impossible to find out if there are any deaths of people under the age of 18,” he said.”

It is impossible for the Prime Minister to find the names.

Why are the Prime Ministers name being kept hidden?

I think he must be a liar.”

Modi had on February 28 made a plea to the country’s youth to “fight against all the forces that have come to dominate the country” in a bid to stop the rise of “anti-social elements” and the emergence of “sedition”.

The prime minister had also promised that a commission of inquiry would be set up to probe the deaths and to probe what role the government had played in the rise in deaths.

“The Prime Minister is a liar.

He should resign,” Adityansh said, accusing Modi of making false statements.

“The prime minstry should not be allowed to stay in office.”

He also called for an inquiry into the deaths in the past seven days and the failure of the government “to take any action” against the “war criminals” who are believed to have been responsible for the deaths.