‘Bones’ star talks ‘BONES’ reunion: ‘We’re just gonna work together’

After years of being apart, actor Adam Baldwin has finally reunited with fellow cast member Chris Pine in the upcoming sequel to the 2003 hit horror film Bones.

While Baldwin had previously expressed interest in returning to the franchise, he wasn’t willing to take the risk of working with Pine in a new film, due out in 2019.

He shared the news via Twitter.

pic.twitter.com/f7X6dVhQjE — Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) March 11, 2020″Bones” star Adam Baldwin is not happy about a remake of “Bones.”

(Photo: NBCUniversal)In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Baldwin shared that he had already planned to direct a “BONES 2” reboot, but was waiting on a deal for the film.

“We are working with Chris Pine to do this one,” Baldwin said.

“We have been together a long time and we have a good chemistry and a good feeling.

He and I are going to work together, we are just gonna continue to work as a team.”

The new film will be based on the 2005 horror film “BONE,” which was written and directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Paul Reiser as the character of John, who has an unexplained case of anorexia and other psychiatric issues.

In the original film, John has an “orexic fetish” and is often hospitalized with a bandage around his face.

He also has a strange habit of sleeping with a dead corpse and using it to “take over the body.”

Baldman also discussed his involvement in the reboot.

He said that he and Pine were “friends of mine” when he was younger, but that they had to “break up” because of “political correctness.”

“We had to break up because we couldn’t talk to each other,” Baldwin explained.

“He’s a guy who really wants to be an actor and he loves movies and he wanted to be part of something.

So we broke up.

I don’t know how many years we had together.

I think I would say three years, but it was like a year.”

Bryan Cranston and Jessica Lange in “Bees.”

(Photos: Paramount Pictures)Baldvins brother and current Fox News personality Chris Pine will play John in the sequel.

Pine had been rumored to be a part of the project for years, until a deal fell through.

“Bates Motel” star Jon Hamm has also been attached to star in the film, which will be directed by Tim Burton and written by “Bale” writer-director Chris Williams.”BONES” director Tim Burton said in a statement, “I am thrilled to be returning to Bones and to bring this iconic horror story to the big screen.

Chris Pine is an incredible actor, and I’m honored to bring his performance to the screen in a very different way than I have done in years past.””BONE” will star Chris Pine and Jessica DeHart as the original Bones and John, along with John’s twin brother, Bobby.

In addition to Pine, “Boots” stars John Malkovich, John Goodman, and David Schwimmer.