How the Russian Media Helped Trump’s Election and How to Stop It

As Trump’s popularity soared during the election, the Russian government helped propel him into the White House, and the Russian media helped amplify his message.

The Associated Press reports that in the weeks before the election in November, the Kremlin used a network of Russian agents to disseminate propaganda on Facebook and Twitter.

The network was known as RT, which stands for “Russia Today,” and RT’s coverage was critical of Hillary Clinton, who ran against Trump in the November election.

RT was one of several outlets that pushed for Trump to win, and it’s now part of the Kremlin’s effort to undermine the U.S. government.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Russian President Vladimir Putin said RT was “the most effective propaganda machine of all time” because it targeted the U!


with a message of hope and change.

Russian President Putin said that RT was the most effective propagandist of all times.

He also told Tapper that the Russian network had a role in helping the Trump campaign, and said that his administration was looking into ways to punish RT for its coverage.

It is not only against the law, but it is in fact a crime against humanity.” “

RT has been a propaganda tool of the Russian Federation, and we have a very serious problem with that.

It is not only against the law, but it is in fact a crime against humanity.”

In his interview with Tapper on CNN, Putin said the United States would likely “take action against them.”

“We are already taking action against RT for their propaganda,” Putin added.

Russia has also been targeting U.K. media outlets for reporting critical stories about Putin.

Earlier this year, the U,K.

government accused the British Broadcasting Corporation of “sabotaging” its investigation into Russia.

In August, the government accused RT of “hiding behind a U.N. Charter that does not guarantee freedom of expression.”

Earlier this month, the British government also accused RT and the RT Network of “failing to comply with international standards.”