The death of the first Indian to be killed by a bullet from an AR-15

New Delhi: The death on May 17 of the Indian journalist Praveen Khanna, who was shot dead by an AR to protect himself and his family, has triggered a national debate on gun control.

His death also highlighted the importance of education and awareness of the threat posed by AR-type rifles in India.

He was killed on a road near his home in a poor district of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The AR- 15 was manufactured by Remington Arms and it has been banned in India since 1999.

His family has appealed to the government for a ban on the weapons.

“We were waiting for his death for two months to see what happened,” said Khanna’s mother, Dutta.

“It’s a pity he was not able to protect his family.”

Duttya and her husband Praveet Khanna lived in a rented house near their home in the city of Pune.

Praveesh Khanna had been a member of a community-based news team in Pune that covered the city’s poor.

They used to visit the home of a relative of a man who had been killed in a gangland murder case and help him to bury his body.

In his first column for The Hindu newspaper, Khanna wrote about the family’s problems in a region where many people are illiterate and illiterate is the national identity.

“I was a member in the Pune Tribune and I worked in the district.

I was a journalist for three years.

My wife and children are still there, living in the house,” Khanna told The Hindu.

The news channel was attacked in July 2017.

The bullet struck Khanna in the head, killing him instantly.

His brother Praveer Khanna said, “We have written letters to the prime minister, he promised action against the criminals who killed Praveeek Khanna.

He is a brave man who died to save the lives of his family.

“Most of them are imported from abroad and they are illegal. “

There are more than 1.2 lakh AR-Type rifles in circulation in India,” said Praveers brother, Shashank Joshi.

“Most of them are imported from abroad and they are illegal.

The police are working overtime to track them down.

They are not in the hands of the police.”

The Khanna family had to travel hundreds of kilometres to reach the house of a friend of the relative who had received a call from the police.

The relative had told them the relative had been shot in the back of the head by a gang member and they had to leave the house immediately.

“The police did not take us seriously.

Police arrested two of the gang members and handed over the gun. “

They were not going to listen to us and we were told to get into the car,” said Joshi, who had also visited the house.

Police arrested two of the gang members and handed over the gun.

The Khannas said the two men were killed after the family threatened them.

“One of them tried to break our windows.

We got scared and went inside.

They shot him twice,” said Dutte Khanna and Shasham Khanna who had seen their brother die.

The relatives of the two killed men were released on bail.

“But there are two others who were arrested and were released today,” said a police official.

He denied the two other men were members of a gang and said there was a “misunderstanding”.

“There was an exchange of fire.

The dead man is a local reporter who had a close relationship with our family.

We have written to the Prime Minister, he will take a decision on this matter,” said Shashak Joshi on condition of anonymity.

The official said the families of the slain men had lodged a complaint with the district police commissioner.

“After this incident, the police have begun an inquiry,” he said.

“However, we cannot say who they are or how much we know about them.

The district police, who are responsible for investigating the crime, have not received any information on the case so far,” the official said.

The family had been living in a home in Pule for the last seven years.

The house has no electricity and water.

Pune is the only city in the state where the AR-14 and AK-47 rifles have been outlawed.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) records show the home in which the Khannases lived has no address.

The last known owner of the house is the brother of one of the killers, a man named Ramesh.

According to police, Rameshi had earlier been arrested for shooting another journalist in the foot.

In January 2018, the NCPB had recorded a total of 12 murders and five kidnappings in Punes in the last two years.

Most of the victims were shot