Taiwan newspaper to launch its own news app for iPhone, iPad, Android on August 26

Taiwan’s largest newspaper, the Taiwan Post, has announced plans to launch a new iOS-only news app called Taipei Times, which will offer a new look to its news platform.

Taipei Times will be a digital app that will allow users to browse, subscribe to, and read news from the country’s top newspapers and news sources.

Users will be able to access articles on the platform as well as news from other news outlets.

Taiwan Times said it is looking to add Chinese and South Korean news to its platform in the coming months, which could include the publication of Chinese and Korean news stories.

The news platform is expected to launch on August 25.

Taipei Post is also in talks to launch the new app, but its final decision is still in the hands of the newspaper’s management.

The announcement of the app comes on the heels of news about a $1.5 million investment by Taobao Group, a Taiwanese e-commerce giant, into the Taipei News and Times group.

Taobavos CEO Yiping Wang told the Financial Times that the investment was a long-term commitment for Taipei, which is one of the most popular sites in the region.

Taipean newspaper owner Taipei Express has also invested in the Taipo Times, as has the Taiwan Daily News, according to the Financial Post.

Tai-Pacific newspaper market is expected in the high hundreds of billions of dollars by 2020, according the Wall Street Journal.