Why is North Carolina so much poorer?

SAN ANTONIO — The state is on track to be the nation’s worst state for the next decade, a new report finds.

And that’s in spite of the fact that its unemployment rate is just 4.7% and its jobless rate for young people is 6.3%.

The study by the North Carolina Center for Public Policy, released Tuesday, found that North Carolina has one of the highest poverty rates in the country and one of those high poverty rates is for people born in the state.

The state’s poverty rate for the most recent census was just 3.4%.

That is the lowest of any state.

The North Carolina Central Bank also released a report Tuesday showing that North Carolinians earn an average of just $1,800 a year less than their counterparts in the nation.

This is the third straight year the North Carolinian has done worse than the national average.

The average pay of North Carolians born after 1940 was $42,800, compared to $45,300 for people of the same age and income.

The average annual salary for a North Caroliner born in 1948 was $35,800 and for those born in 1951 was $38,000.

Those are the lowest salaries in the U.S. and only slightly above the national median of $39,600.

The national average is $43,100.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate for new hires was 7.7%, compared to 4.8% nationally.

The state has a poverty rate of 10.9%, compared with 5.6% nationally, according to the NCPP.

And while North Carolina was the nation with the highest share of low-income households in 2011, the North Carters are among the nation to have the lowest rate.

That’s because North Carolina ranks last in the national rate of poor families living below the poverty line.

In addition, the state’s youth unemployment rate has soared since 2000 to 6.5%, the highest in the United States, according the NCPA report.

The NCPP also found that the state has the second highest teen birth rate in the world and the second-highest rate of unplanned births in the states.

The NCPP report is the first to analyze the state since a report in September showed that North Carolinas poverty rate is even higher than the country as a whole.

In the report, the NCPC compared the poverty rates of North Carolina with those in the 25 states that had a census of poverty in 2011.

In North Carolina, the poverty rate was 5.3%, which is higher than in any other state in the report.

This includes the 10 states with the lowest poverty rates.

The report found that in 2011 North Carolinas poverty was 10.4% higher than that of the country overall, the report said.

In contrast, the rate of poverty was 5% lower in the District of Columbia, 5.2% lower than in the South and 7.2%, or 15.1% lower, in the Northeast and Midwest.

The rate of unemployment in North Carolina in 2011 was 8.9%.

The North Carolina Institute for Economic Research said in a statement Tuesday that its research indicates that NorthCarolina is among the poorest states in the union and it is a national model for other states.

It noted that poverty rates are much lower in North Carolina than the average for other regions in the Midwest, Midwest, and Southwest.