Why does Indian media still focus on the Indian subcontinent?

News outlets in India, with the exception of a few small publications, remain committed to the coverage of India and its regions, says Nisha Biswal, editor-in-chief of India Today, the country’s largest digital newspaper.

“In many cases, news is written in Hindi, and in some cases it’s written in Urdu.

We focus on regional India, but in the last few years, we have started to focus on India as a whole,” she says.

India Today also has a long history of focusing on the region.

It first appeared in India in 1972 and, with a circulation of over 6.5 million, it’s been around since then.

The publication is known for its sharp criticism of Indian politicians and commentators, and has a strong editorial bias.

“We are an editorially neutral platform and a strong critic of political leaders.

We have a strong policy of not giving the politics of the country a platform,” Biswal says.

“But if we had to, we could always write about some of the more interesting or controversial issues, like the country being invaded by foreign powers, the Kashmir issue, the issue of women in politics.”

The company also has been publishing a variety of opinion pieces, including one titled ‘Indias biggest national pride is freedom of speech’ that criticises Prime Minister Narendra Modi and criticises the BJP government.

In the piece, the newspaper says, “Our national pride cannot be measured by the size of the flag on the flag pole.

Our national pride can only be measured in the freedom of our minds, in the creativity of our ideas and our creativity of the people.

We do not give a platform to those who would try to silence our voices.”

Newsprint is a very important medium for the Indian media and for the country to stay alive.

As a result, Biswal believes that there is a great deal of opportunity for the digital space in India.

“Digital news has become a medium that we are looking forward to as a result of the election of Modi.

The Indian public are hungry for news, and the newspapers are a key channel to reach them.

So I think this is a big opportunity for India.”