How a small town’s bid to build a new airport will change everything

A small town in northern France is set to build an airport in its backyard, and the story will have far-reaching implications for aviation and tourism.

The proposal, to be unveiled next month, is a response to the threat posed by terrorism, as France tries to build its new global aviation hub at Marseille.

The town of Bourgogne, near the French border with Belgium, has been waiting for a runway for several years.

Its town hall recently gave its blessing for the idea.

It is part of a growing trend to build and operate airports in the countryside.

The idea has gained support across Europe as well as in the United States, where cities such as Los Angeles and New York are turning to rural airports for their international airports.

For Bourgogs airport, the town is offering to help build a runway on its land.

The airport will have a runway, with landing strip and an airport runway.

It will have an airport runways, a runway and a runway.

The runway will have landing strips and an airstrip.

The town hall’s mayor, Pierre Fagot, said the project is a step forward for the town.

“The town is a great city.

It’s a very small town, but we know we can grow in the long run.

We have the land, we have the air, and we have a great airport,” Fagots said.

He said the airport will be part of the town, and it will be used for flights between the town and the French mainland.

The airport will also have a landing strip, a parking lot and other facilities for tourists.

Fagot said he would like to see the airport operate flights to and from France as well.

He added the town would not want to be the only airport in the region to operate flights, and that he was confident the town will be able to support the airport.

But Fagotes plan was to have a small airport.

He said the idea of a small one was to be welcomed by residents, and to have it runways and other infrastructure for flights.

It could take a while for the airport to be up and running, and its size could depend on how well it is able to operate and maintain its airport, Fagott said.

The city has been working on its plan for the past six months.

The project will take about three months to complete, and will involve the town building the runway, setting up a parking area and a landing area.

The cost of the project, according to the town hall, will be €30 million.

“We want to make sure the airport is built as soon as possible and not delayed,” Faggot said.

The local government is responsible for managing the airport, and has given the town permission to build the runway.

The mayor said the town had received a lot of support from locals and tourists.

The plan is part a growing effort in Europe to develop regional airports, which can serve the growing number of visitors who are looking to visit the continent.

Some of those airports are already in operation in the French Alps.

The latest development is in Portugal, where the first European-style airport will open later this year.