How to read the headlines, from an insider’s perspective

AUSTRALIA’S top newspapers have taken a new approach to the latest presidential race.

The Herald Sun, Australia’s flagship newspaper, is going for a clean, straight-forward approach to reporting the election in the lead up to the September 17 vote.

The front page will be a blank page, and the front page of every newspaper is going to be blank, with headlines and a picture of the front cover.

So it’s going to feel a little like the front pages of newspapers around the world.

This is going be a pretty straightforward election, and so we’re not going to go into any details of how it’s coming along, but I think it’s a really good thing for our readers.

It’s a lot easier for the readers to digest what you’re about to read.

And it’s something that you can follow up on.

In the case of the Herald Sun this is a very straightforward approach.

You can read the front-page stories from the Herald website, which will go up and down the front of every page, with the main headline and picture on the front.

We’re not taking any editorial judgment.

But if you look at the front, and you look back at the Herald’s history, they’ve always been a bit of a loose cannon.

I don’t think they’re particularly different from the Australian and the New York Times.

They’re all about putting out the front day-to-day, with little detail and a lot of fluff.

There’s a very simple approach, and it’s very refreshing.

How to read Australia’s Newspapers’ front pages article AAP/ABC News: This is the front front page for the Herald today.

AAP: The top story in the Herald.

ABC News is the main story.

JULIE HUBERT/FAIRFAX NZ The front page headline in the Sydney Morning Herald today is: “Mixed feelings” about Malcolm Turnbull, but most people are more excited about the new leader.

Here’s how to read it: The new prime minister has taken the lead in the debate on the NBN.

He’s been accused of being a bit too open-minded and liberal.

His policies have been questioned by the Coalition, Labor and the Greens.

Turnbull is the first Australian leader to take a lead in a major political party’s leadership race.

He’s not a leader-in-waiting.

Labor leader Bill Shorten and Liberal leader Bill English have been running the campaign.

Key points: Herald Sun front page (top) will be blank page and will be accompanied by a picture that represents the front and back covers of the paper.

“The Herald” will be “A blank page for this election” and the main front page story will be: “The most important election story in a generation” This article was last updated: March 9, 2020 17:14:59