German newspapers report ‘massacre’ by asylum seekers in Norway

The German newspaper Bild claimed that a large number of asylum seekers had arrived in Norway, and that several hundred had been killed.

The newspaper said that a group of migrants had set fire to the asylum accommodation in the town of Sønderfjell, near the German border, and then attacked the police station with petrol bombs and knives.

According to the report, at least seven police officers had been injured, while another person had suffered a stab wound to the head.

Another local resident, Jens Schulze, said he saw a group who had set off fireworks, and said that they were coming in from the south of Norway.

“I could see them moving slowly up the hill.

It was like an explosion.

I was scared,” he said.

“They were running from the fire and towards the police.

The police didn’t have time to react.”

Local officials had also said that the group had been seen setting fire to an asylum centre in the city of Oudenberg, where about 30 asylum seekers live.

The asylum seekers were initially detained in an overcrowded room in the centre, before they were moved to a smaller room.

According a local media report, one of the asylum seekers who had been detained in Oudenburg had also been stabbed to death by the refugees in Søderfjel, where the fire had broken out.

Police officers arrived to the scene of the fire shortly afterwards.

The report said that there was no information on how many people had been in the asylum centre or how many had been hurt.

A spokesman for the police department said that it was too early to say if there was a connection between the deaths.