The dawn newspaper’s best-selling cover is a ‘disaster’

The dawn paper’s best selling cover is one of its worst-selling ones ever.

The paper, which started life as a children’s magazine in 1967, has a circulation of just under 30,000.

It was the third-worst-selling newspaper in Britain in 2015, selling an average of just 2,000 copies a day.

But now, with the paper facing an “imminent collapse” because of the Brexit vote, it’s being forced to sell the paper for a fraction of its current price.

It’s one of the most profitable newspapers in the country, but its circulation has been falling ever since.

And while it’s selling more than 1,000 pages a day, its sales have fallen by 20% since May, when the paper sold just under 100,000 a day to fund the cost of printing new covers.

That’s due to a lack of interest from readers, with many opting to find other ways to read the newspaper.

The morning paper is facing a major financial crisis, and its stock price has plunged more than 50% since March.

Now, with Brexit in the news and Brexiters’ moods on the rise, the morning paper has been forced to axe the covers it has been using since the 1960s, to meet the needs of Brexiters.

This is the worst-seller cover.

It also has been criticised by the publisher of the paper, who has described the cover as “disgusting”.

In an editorial, the Evening Standard said: “It is a tragedy for the business, for the readers and for the future of the British newspaper industry.”

We have lost control of the future and the consequences will be far reaching.

“It also warned that the Brexiters “are not interested in hearing the news”.

It also accused Brexiters of being “the most contemptible of all politicians”, adding: “Brexit is now their only option”.

A spokeswoman for the Evening Mail said the paper’s new cover was “a disaster”.

The morning newspaper was bought by the Evening Star newspaper group in 2007 for $10bn (£7bn) and it has since been bought by News UK for £35bn.