Pires says he will ‘take time’ to evaluate his career after transfer to Fiorentina

Pires is not yet ready to take the final step of his four-year deal with Fiorendina and the forward is not looking for a change of scenery in the next few months.

The forward had a difficult time during the winter transfer window and the club had to make a decision on his future after he joined up with the Pescara side in January.

Now that he has joined Fiorence, the midfielder will take a few months to evaluate whether he is ready to stay in Serie A.

“I have to take some time to evaluate my career, and that’s why I have signed for Fiorencia,” Pires said.

“In terms of playing time, I don’t know.

I have to go through the process and see if I’m ready for the new challenge.”

There is nothing more important to me than playing for Fiores.

The team and the fans are my priorities.