GOP leaders: I want you to take the blame for the GOP’s collapse

A lot of people are blaming Mitt Romney for the collapse of the GOP in the midterms, but he did not create it.

The GOP, led by House Speaker Paul Ryan, has been in the grips of a political and ideological crisis since Ryan’s reelection.

While Ryan and his allies have argued that they are “the party of compromise,” the fact is that the party has always been the party of a “monopoly” on government spending.

In the end, the GOP was forced to compromise because the president wanted to continue the “grand bargain” that Ryan and the GOP establishment have been advocating.

Ryan and other GOP leaders have said that their party has to find ways to make the government more efficient, but that is not a solution for the party.

What is a solution is for the Republicans to find a way to stay in power.

The collapse of Congress was the result of the failure of Ryan’s leadership.

Ryan has never made a deal with Democrats or independents, nor has he negotiated with Democrats.

Instead, Ryan and a cadre of Republican leaders have worked to create the conditions that allowed the Republicans and Trump to win the elections and keep control of Congress.

Ryan, who will be speaker for the remainder of the Obama presidency, was never elected to represent Wisconsin in Congress, but his party has continued to rule Wisconsin and the country.

What happened was that Ryan’s Republican colleagues and his campaign had little incentive to reach out to voters.

Instead of offering solutions that would help Republicans, the Trump administration and Ryan and House Republicans pushed their own political agenda.

The result was a Democratic Party that lost the popular vote to Trump by a wider margin than any other major party in the past 60 years.

Ryan’s strategy of making the GOP look bad for being too “compromised” led to the collapse, and the Democrats lost the House and the Senate.

Ryan himself has said that he has not had time to reflect on the consequences of the fall of the Republican Party, and that he believes that the country was better off with Ryan in office.

But it is not just the Republican party that was destroyed.

Republicans lost control of the Senate, which had been in Republican hands since 2010, because they failed to repeal Obamacare and failed to get enough Democratic votes to pass tax reform.

Republicans also lost control over the House, where Republicans held on to their majority, despite losing control of both chambers of Congress in 2018.

And now Republicans are in the process of retaking control of all three branches of government.

The Republican Party has always had an uneasy relationship with the American people, and it is difficult to understand why a party that is the party that has governed the country for decades would want to become the party with the most failures.

If Democrats were to win this election, it is possible that the GOP would have the upper hand in the House.

Democrats also would have control of two-thirds of the state legislatures, and they would have more control over both the U.S. Senate and the presidency.

Democrats would have a chance to change that, and if they win control of one or more states, they would likely control the White House.

The failure of Republicans to reach a deal to repeal the Affordable Care Act was the main reason for the election of President Donald Trump.

Ryan is the personification of what many Republicans believed to be the ultimate betrayal of American voters.

He is the Republican leader who made his party the party in which they would govern, and then tried to do everything he could to undermine and divide the people who elected him.

It is not hard to see how he would be the target of attacks by the Democrats, as Republicans will use Ryan as a pawn to try to undermine the President’s agenda.

It should be noted that Ryan was not the only one who did this.

Many Republicans and Republicans in Congress also supported the President and the Republicans, even as they had failed to pass any legislation or implement any of their agenda.

Even some of those Republicans who did try to implement their agenda in the Congress, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, and House Speaker John Boehner, were defeated in 2018 elections by voters.

The Democratic Party was also caught up in the GOP-led political crisis.

During the 2020 campaign, many Democrats blamed Republicans for the failure to pass the ACA.

But Democrats did not make a single move to pass legislation to repeal or replace the ACA and did not even try to enact a single legislative measure to help the millions of Americans who lost their insurance.

Instead they blamed the ACA for the rise in health care costs.

The Democrats’ only success came in winning a handful of governorships in 2018, while Republicans had a majority in both chambers.

The party has made significant changes to the way it operates in recent years, but the fact that the Republican leadership was able to hold onto their majority in Congress and the White Senate was a huge