Bollywood star’s controversial

‘a joke’ article: A Bollywood superstar’s controversial and offensive article was posted on a Pakistani newspaper’s website.

The article, titled “I have never seen a woman get raped”, appeared on the newspaper’s homepage and read: “There is nothing wrong with a man in love.

If you are a man, love is not a crime”.

The article also appeared in other Pakistani newspapers, including the Hurriyat-e-Taliban Pakistan, the Pakistan Tehreek-e Jamaat (PTJ) and the Lashkar-e Islami.

The website’s editor, Hamza Zaman, said the article had been removed from the newspaper and the article was “unacceptable”.

He told the BBC’s Urdu service that it was a joke and he was not going to discuss the issue further.

“We will continue to defend this article and it will be removed from our website,” Mr Zaman said.

He said that the newspaper had taken down the article because it was “not in line with the editorial ethos”.

“It is offensive and it is an offence to a lot of people in the country,” he said.

Mr Zaman told the Pakistan Times that the article, which referred to a man who had “raped a woman” on his Facebook page, was a “joke” and that the police had not issued any summons.

“It was a satire piece and it was written by a person,” he told the news agency.

“He was trying to get attention from people and people did not like it.”

The article in the Hurryat-Tahir, which has a circulation of more than 300,000, was posted in March and has attracted attention for its anti-Islam, anti-Pakistani, and anti-women sentiments.

The Hurryath was launched by the founder of the Taliban in 1999, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

The paper was created by the group of ex-military commanders who were banned from the country by the military.

Pakistani media have previously published articles by Taliban leaders and the group’s founder, Mullah Omar, who was killed in an air strike in 2014.