How to watch a live stream of the presidential debate in Taiwan

TAIWAN — A live stream is streaming from a Taiwanese government-owned TV station and other local media outlets for the first time in the presidential campaign between President Tsai Ing-wen and challenger Lee Teng-hui, who have both released video messages to their supporters.

The live stream has been organized by a group of Taiwanese citizens that includes some of Taiwan’s most prominent media figures.

Tsai’s campaign says it is the first-ever live stream.

A video message on Tuesday evening says the live stream will cover the presidential debates from May 20-23 in Taiwan, including two debates, one at the Taipei Hilton and the other in downtown Taipei.

Lee has been widely expected to win the first debate.

Teng has been pushing for a more personal and more serious debate that will be moderated by a member of the ruling Kuomintang, or Communist Party.

Tien-Hui and Lee both released videos on Wednesday saying the two are facing off against each other in a tough battle to win support for their candidacies.

The first presidential debate between the two, set to air May 20, is expected to draw a crowd of more than 300,000, and there is a possibility it could attract more than a million people.