Google news site ‘banned’ for posting ‘fake news’

New Orleans newspaper rock is facing a ban from Google for publishing “fake news” and “disinformation” in its stories.

The paper said the Google News page for the Orleans Parish News Bureau (OPNB) was removed by Google in August after it published “fake, false and misleading news.”

“Google News removed our fake news section from the search results, because it violates our terms of service,” the paper wrote in a statement to Mashable.

The OPNB, which is owned by the New Orleans Post-Dispatch, had published articles from the paper since the beginning of the year.

The paper has been criticized by other media outlets for publishing articles that are in violation of the paper’s terms of use.

The New Orleans paper also had an account with Google, which has a page that is used to “advertise” the newspaper.

The newspaper had not yet returned a request for comment from Mashable on Wednesday night.

The news that Google had removed the OPNSB’s Google News section sparked outrage across the country.

Twitter users also pointed to a Google News article that the paper published in January 2017 on the New Year’s Eve.

The story said that Google was “taking action against news organizations that publish false and deceptive news stories” and accused the news organization of “spreading false and dangerous information.”

The New York Times published an article in May that had been removed from Google’s search results after the newspaper published false and defamatory articles about the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton.