New Delhi’s Best Art Newspaper of 2018

ArtNews, a weekly magazine covering art, design and fashion, is honored to announce the best of Indian art newspaper Busted Indian newspaper in 2018.

The award, awarded for best print, online and digital publication in the country, will be presented at the Indian Arts Festival in Bangalore in November.

Busted Indian is a monthly print magazine that is dedicated to the Indian art and design scene.

Since its inception, it has been covering the emerging trends in art and fashion across the country.

Busted is a publication which has also been known for publishing digital content, which it calls “digital art.”

Busted has been publishing in print since 2009.

It has won the Best Art News award twice, and has been awarded Best Art Publication at various awards across India.

The magazine’s print edition has been named a Top 100 print magazine in India and has the highest circulation in India.

The print edition of Busted has the following print titles in its print edition:The Indian Art Magazine is the premier art publication of the Indian Art scene and has a circulation of approximately 40,000.

It is also a monthly, print magazine with an online edition of 1,300,000 readers.

Bashed’s editorial line is focused on the emerging art and craft of Indian culture and art and the latest trends in Indian design and print art.

The digital edition of the magazine is a full-fledged digital publication with an estimated 1,200,000 unique visitors.

The digital edition is a weekly publication that covers all Indian art, from traditional Indian art to contemporary design and the emerging fashion trends of India.

Busting is the flagship publication of Bajaj Art, an international publishing house with a long history of publishing art and culture in India, and also a global imprint.

The Indian Art, Design and Fashion magazine is the most popular art and art history publication in India with an annual print circulation of roughly 12 million.

Bajaj has been a publisher of Baja, Baja India and the Indian style of Indian Art since 1989.

Bajaja Art has published Bajaji art in India since 1989, and Bajani Art in India has published a number of art books including Bajabiyana, Bajagiriya, Biju, Bishnu, Biyaviran and Biyamadha.

Baja Art is part of the prestigious Indian publishing house of Bijusar and Bijumdar.

Bijaj Art is based in Bengaluru.