Jacksonville fl, Cincinnati sc pay $50 million for Jacksonville SC newspaper archives

The Jacksonville Fl newspaper and the Cincinnati Sc newspaper are closing their doors in the coming months, with the Cincinnati paper reportedly paying $50.2 million for the assets.

In addition, the Jacksonville Sc newspaper is moving its headquarters to a different part of the state, with plans to begin a $150 million renovation and the sale of its newsroom.

The Jackson/Sc paper is owned by Jackson County, the paper’s original owners.

The Jackson/Chronicle newspaper closed in 2015 after it became clear that the paper was in dire financial straits.

It was one of only three remaining newspapers in Jackson County.

The Cincinnati Sc, which operated from the same building as the Jackson/Fl paper, is currently the only newspaper in the county.

The Cincinnati Sc has reported that the sale is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The move comes as the paper is currently under investigation by the county’s auditor, who has said that the Cincinnati SC has paid too little in taxes, and it is paying more in licensing fees than it is in circulation.

The closure of the Jackson and Cincinnati scs papers follows an announcement by the Jackson County Auditor’s Office that it is reviewing the ownership of the two papers.

In a statement released to the Jackson Post, the auditor’s office said the decision to close the Jacksonsc and Cincinnatisc papers was not related to their financial condition.