How to spot a Chinese-Australian couple

A Chinese-Australian couple has a history of fighting over the family dog, but a Chinese community is taking matters into its own hands to ensure the animal’s welfare.

“There are a few Chinese-Americans who are in Australia and there are a lot of Chinese Australians in Australia,” the couple, both 25, told ABC Radio Perth.

“We’re just trying to get them to take the dog, because it’s been such a problem with them and their dog.”

The couple met when they were students at the University of Sydney in 2016.

They went to a dog show in Sydney but the show was cancelled when a local woman called police about a stray dog in her yard.

After the dog was put down, they contacted the police.

“When we called them, they were like, ‘you’ve got a dog in your backyard and you need to put it down’,” the couple said.

The dog was eventually taken to a vet and it’s now safe for the couple to take their new pet home.

The couple, who both studied computer science at university, said they started seeing their dog regularly around November this year.

“He’s got some really nice fur around his face, his ears are really big and he’s so smart,” they said.

“And we thought he might be the only Australian in the world who has a dog.”

“We’ve tried everything.

We’ve had dogs who have died in the past.

We even tried to adopt him.

And he’s just not doing it.

He’s been in a crate for a long time and it just wasn’t happening.”

The pair said they have been contacted by the local council several times but they said they had yet to hear back.

It was just last month that the couple received an email from the council.

An official from the Australian Humane Society told ABC Perth the dog needed to be placed in a private enclosure and that it was in need of a new owner.

In their email, the council stated the dog “has been neglected in its owner’s care”.

“He is a small and very vulnerable dog and there is a risk of his suffering from severe anxiety and depression,” the email stated.

This week, the couple contacted local animal protection officers who confirmed they had received an animal welfare report from the local animal welfare agency.

Animal welfare officers are currently in the process of obtaining a court order to seize the dog and are in the midst of securing a new home for it.

Local residents have also started a Facebook group to raise money for the dog’s care.

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